Tuesday, April 13, 2010

various art links

Hey guys, I'm not very good at templates so I think we'll just stick with this one. If anybody else is more up to handling the blogspot, let me know and I can just divvy over admin privileges and you can do as you please.

Just to make sure - this blogspot is for the students of Jamy Sheridan's animation seminar classes, the URL being http://animinar.blogspot.com. Sorry if you got the invitation to the last one - I stupidly named it 'Sophomore Seminar' despite the fact that we are going to be juniors in less than a month. Derr. :P

ANYWAYS, here are some links you guys may be interested in, and please feel free to share some of your own, or other discussion points, topics of interest, whatever... let's try to get everyone more interested in participating in that dreary Tuesday morning discussion!

Animation Mentor's Industry Review
- a nice well-researched documentation of various job titles, earnings, trends, and other points of interest all in one little pdf. be sure to check it out; even though it was published in 2008, the information is still extremely valid and will be good for helping you figure out where to even start with researching what you want to do with your career, I think!

Animation World Network - a general repository of mainstream information all related to various subsections of the animation industry. everybody probably already knows this one, but it can't hurt to share it.

Dreamworks Artists' Blogs - courtesy of parka blogs, an index of various high-profile Dreamworks artists. thought i ought to relink this, since Jamy disclosed it in class but some people may not have been able to save it.

dat's all tho, toodlez~

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