Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pre-production stuff

I found a couple of sites that outline the animation process, including pre-production:

The Process of Making Animation: Preproduction

2D Animation Process

And then I looked at a bunch of the roles in animated films by checking movie credits on IMDB.  There are sooo many roles!  It's crazy.  Just take a quick glance at the lists for Wall-E and Up.  As far as the pre-production roles go, it seems like they usually require many storyboard and developmental artists, but only a couple of character designers (or specifically character art directors)--just something interesting to note.

Wall-E Cast & Crew

Up Cast & Crew

I also began looking through blogs and portfolio websites by character designers who worked in Pixar or Dreamworks (you can see these blogs on one of the links that Jen put in the first or second blog post).

One example is this guy, H.B. "Buck" Lewis.  It's just fun to see their work--both for the movies they worked on and their work outside of those movies.

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