Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more links

I'm stuck at the airport for an hour, and I found a bunch of interesting links, so I thought I'd share them.

A Short Love Story - Making Of - this guy utilized several different techniques in making this, and shares some of his tips. mainly stop-motion, but he also employed some 3D and 2D animation. most interesting of all i think is how he described some basic techniques in stop-motion + 3D - building sets and then creating 3D atmospheres within aftereffects from the real sets - and also some really interesting ones i'm not personally familiar with, but seem super cool - putting various textures, drops of water, etc, against a green screen and importing them into 3D programs as textures and maps.

Pixar - How We Do it - pretty basic, but might interest some people. just a basic sort of run-through on the pixar animation process.

3D Total - a composite library of various things useful to an advanced 3D animator. galleries of animation stills and shorts, forums with new through advanced artists, how-tos, handbooks, textures, interviews, and even a cg artist job search... pretty useful, but i wouldn't swear by it.

The Stop-Motion Handbook - a professional stop-motion artist working in the industry currently apparently wants to share his great variety of useful technique-building information and starter stuff. very helpful for newbs like me!

The Debate - not really a resource like the above, but i thought this was pretty interesting. the concept of constructing a 'toy' or object, the animation being constrained to its constructed movements and interactions. really cool.

- something that i plan to check daily along with awn; ariana shared this in intro to 2D today and it seems like a great resource for news, inspiration, reference, articles, interviews, studio information, tutorials... while it's not as 'varied' as 3Dtotal, i think motionographer is more legit...

Keyframe - another great resource for animation-related news, interviews, and information, more particularly mainstream (big company) oriented

random cool things;
Zoudov - fucking sweet as hell little 3D short from a couple of french animators
Deep Spirits - Animated Short Movies - a little index of some cool animations
Sorry I'm Late - a pretty impressive stop-motion short done similarly to 'Her Morning Glory'
Ninjai: The Little Ninja - amazing little animated series. the music is excellent!
Bueno Bear - the super chill super talented creator of Adventure Time!'s website and few animated shorts
Western Spaghetti In Stop-Motion - a guy makes spaghetti with yarn, pick up sticks, post-it notes, aluminum foil... kinda cute
Manege Frei - interesting mix of flash, illustrator, and hand-drawn animation

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