Friday, April 23, 2010

links from job research

i mostly research storyboarding in class but also found some nifty links on character design stuff. check it out.

Character Design - a blogspot totally devoted to interviews with various character designers, and links to their portfolios and websites and blogspots and whatnot.

I Like Characters - good for inspiration and seeing how other character designers operate fundamentally

Storyboard! Lights! Action!
- some basic stuff about how to start configuring yourself psychologically and professionally to become a storyboarder, and what it's like working as a storyboard artist professionally.

Sample Storyboard Artist Cover Letter - also includes resumes and cover letters for other artistic professions. i figure it's a good way to start considering how you should be approaching employers.

Google Directory - Arts > Illustration > Specialized > Storyboards - a big google cache of famous storyboard artists and resources

What Does A Storyboard Artist Do? - an interview with Anthony Zierhut, professional storyboarder, with lots of valuable information on what it's like to work as one, how to get started, what your portfolio should look like, general wages, the atmosphere in a studio, etc...

one other thing i found really useful was to search through job listings for storyboard artists, character designers, animators, etc... for big companies and even little companies, and look at what sort of skills and attitude they were expecting from applicants. don't think about the listings as "well i don't want this specific job" but as what sort of things you might want to start working on to become a desirable applicant. dat's all.

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