Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pre-production stuff

I found a couple of sites that outline the animation process, including pre-production:

The Process of Making Animation: Preproduction

2D Animation Process

And then I looked at a bunch of the roles in animated films by checking movie credits on IMDB.  There are sooo many roles!  It's crazy.  Just take a quick glance at the lists for Wall-E and Up.  As far as the pre-production roles go, it seems like they usually require many storyboard and developmental artists, but only a couple of character designers (or specifically character art directors)--just something interesting to note.

Wall-E Cast & Crew

Up Cast & Crew

I also began looking through blogs and portfolio websites by character designers who worked in Pixar or Dreamworks (you can see these blogs on one of the links that Jen put in the first or second blog post).

One example is this guy, H.B. "Buck" Lewis.  It's just fun to see their work--both for the movies they worked on and their work outside of those movies.

Story in Animation

Here's a really good blog about story in animation. The blogger is story artist Jenny Lerew, and she offers some interesting insight into the pre-production industry.
Her post on pitching: http://blackwingdiaries.blogspot.com/2006/02/on-story-pitching.html
Her post on story simplicity: http://blackwingdiaries.blogspot.com/2006/02/on-story-simplicity.html

Also, I found this little "manual" on storytelling. This is not specifically about animation, but it is still important and interesting to read, if you want to know how to really reach an audience.
Information on a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of animation, and the exchange of ideas. It has a bunch of information, especially on the history of animation.


Job titles and techniques in production

Here they have a list of job titles organized per section of production and type of animation. Navigate to other types like 2d or stop-motion on the right hand side.

Example of technical aspects behind the creation of water in 3d. Packages used were Xenodream, 3ds max, Krakatoa PRT loader, and realflow; with the edition of pre-made light shaders, it creates a realistic moving and looking water effect.


I found some info on pre-production crew positions which include the casting department/ art department/ costume design/ special effects department/ etc at this website:


This was also an in detail job requirements in order to work as a "Pre-Production Assets Supervisor" at Lucasfilms:


As I was surfing the lucasfilm website I came across this: layout/matchmove artist. According to the description it is "the replication of the real set, camera and camera move within the computer for later use by animators and technical directors. Each shot in which 3D computer graphics are to be added begins with a matchmove. In the CG Layout process, Camera Matchmoves and original CG camera moves are integrated to create the framework of each Sequence. Often this includes manipulating both 2d and 3d elements, while maintaining accurate camera perspective. In some cases a sequence might be entirely Computer Generated with no live action background elements." I just thought it was interesting since I had never heard of such a position before, although I think this is more of a production thing than a pre-production.


An interesting article on how a strong pre-production can save the Indian animation industry:


Another interesting thing that I've come across are 3D production managers/ 3D storyboard artists:


Tips on how to get Funding and Grants for Independent Animation

I forgot to post this last week, so here goes:

Here are some web pages for non-profit organizations involving animation.

The Animaticus Foundation
Non-profit organization dedicated to the preserving, teaching and evolving the artform of 2D animation in a digital world. Hosts annual 2D animation festival in Everett, Washington, USA.

The Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE
The labor union for creative artists, writers and technicians in motion-picture and television animation and computer graphics in southern California.

Non-profit supporting the European animation industry. Hosts training seminars and co-production forums, and presides over the Cartoon d'Or award.

Cartoonists Northwest
An association of professional and amateur cartoonists, animators and illustrators operating in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Flanders Animation

Portal of content related to the Flemish animation industry, including artist portfolios, jobs and news. Managed by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

Iota Center
An organization dedicated to the study of the art of light and movement. Includes many resources on experimental animation/visual music.

Women In Animation
Non-profit organization for women and men who are involved in the art and industry of animation. Includes networking opportunities, list of programs and events, resources, member benefits, and FAQs. Regional chapters across USA and Canada.

Monday, April 26, 2010

new animation technology

I started out looking for "new animation technology", and ended with underwater robots helping to seal off an oil rig that had exploded. Here are some of the links:

rotoscoping power--


I've always been interested in space and the stars and such, and I came across this as well-- the sun in 3d!!!


Motion controller for the PS3!!!! I just found it funny that it looks exactly like the Wii controllers [minus the 'SONY' on there...] After reading this I'm pretty torn between rooting for the PS3 or the Wii. Before I had left for college this semester I had just set up the Wii for my parents and my father and I played the golf game. He had never played it before and I had played it once or twice before and I had tried to hone my Wii golf swing before we faced off. He still aced the course with his flailing swings and I was stuck in a sand trap with a camera view that faced me toward a bunch of trees and never let me turn any other way. Needless to say, this article about how the PS3's motion controllers accurately and precisely replicate it moved me.


Underwater robots to the rescue [a future with robots living amongst us and helping us do things more efficiently than we ever could is in sight!]


Friday, April 23, 2010

links from job research

i mostly research storyboarding in class but also found some nifty links on character design stuff. check it out.

Character Design - a blogspot totally devoted to interviews with various character designers, and links to their portfolios and websites and blogspots and whatnot.

I Like Characters - good for inspiration and seeing how other character designers operate fundamentally

Storyboard! Lights! Action!
- some basic stuff about how to start configuring yourself psychologically and professionally to become a storyboarder, and what it's like working as a storyboard artist professionally.

Sample Storyboard Artist Cover Letter - also includes resumes and cover letters for other artistic professions. i figure it's a good way to start considering how you should be approaching employers.

Google Directory - Arts > Illustration > Specialized > Storyboards - a big google cache of famous storyboard artists and resources

What Does A Storyboard Artist Do? - an interview with Anthony Zierhut, professional storyboarder, with lots of valuable information on what it's like to work as one, how to get started, what your portfolio should look like, general wages, the atmosphere in a studio, etc...

one other thing i found really useful was to search through job listings for storyboard artists, character designers, animators, etc... for big companies and even little companies, and look at what sort of skills and attitude they were expecting from applicants. don't think about the listings as "well i don't want this specific job" but as what sort of things you might want to start working on to become a desirable applicant. dat's all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Links I found in class today

I know Jamy said we only needed to post one link, but I thought some others I found were also interesting if anyone wants to take a look.

http://www.bls.gov/oes/2008/may/oes271014.htm - breakdown of wages/salaries for multimedia artists and animators, also breaks it down based on location.  This is one of the things I talked about today.

http://www.jobprofiles.org/artanimator.htm - just a summary of what being an animator really means; what they actually do or are expected to do.

http://antonio-santamaria-interview.blogspot.com/ - an interview with a character designer.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more links

I'm stuck at the airport for an hour, and I found a bunch of interesting links, so I thought I'd share them.

A Short Love Story - Making Of - this guy utilized several different techniques in making this, and shares some of his tips. mainly stop-motion, but he also employed some 3D and 2D animation. most interesting of all i think is how he described some basic techniques in stop-motion + 3D - building sets and then creating 3D atmospheres within aftereffects from the real sets - and also some really interesting ones i'm not personally familiar with, but seem super cool - putting various textures, drops of water, etc, against a green screen and importing them into 3D programs as textures and maps.

Pixar - How We Do it - pretty basic, but might interest some people. just a basic sort of run-through on the pixar animation process.

3D Total - a composite library of various things useful to an advanced 3D animator. galleries of animation stills and shorts, forums with new through advanced artists, how-tos, handbooks, textures, interviews, and even a cg artist job search... pretty useful, but i wouldn't swear by it.

The Stop-Motion Handbook - a professional stop-motion artist working in the industry currently apparently wants to share his great variety of useful technique-building information and starter stuff. very helpful for newbs like me!

The Debate - not really a resource like the above, but i thought this was pretty interesting. the concept of constructing a 'toy' or object, the animation being constrained to its constructed movements and interactions. really cool.

- something that i plan to check daily along with awn; ariana shared this in intro to 2D today and it seems like a great resource for news, inspiration, reference, articles, interviews, studio information, tutorials... while it's not as 'varied' as 3Dtotal, i think motionographer is more legit...

Keyframe - another great resource for animation-related news, interviews, and information, more particularly mainstream (big company) oriented

random cool things;
Zoudov - fucking sweet as hell little 3D short from a couple of french animators
Deep Spirits - Animated Short Movies - a little index of some cool animations
Sorry I'm Late - a pretty impressive stop-motion short done similarly to 'Her Morning Glory'
Ninjai: The Little Ninja - amazing little animated series. the music is excellent!
Bueno Bear - the super chill super talented creator of Adventure Time!'s website and few animated shorts
Western Spaghetti In Stop-Motion - a guy makes spaghetti with yarn, pick up sticks, post-it notes, aluminum foil... kinda cute
Manege Frei - interesting mix of flash, illustrator, and hand-drawn animation

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

various art links

Hey guys, I'm not very good at templates so I think we'll just stick with this one. If anybody else is more up to handling the blogspot, let me know and I can just divvy over admin privileges and you can do as you please.

Just to make sure - this blogspot is for the students of Jamy Sheridan's animation seminar classes, the URL being http://animinar.blogspot.com. Sorry if you got the invitation to the last one - I stupidly named it 'Sophomore Seminar' despite the fact that we are going to be juniors in less than a month. Derr. :P

ANYWAYS, here are some links you guys may be interested in, and please feel free to share some of your own, or other discussion points, topics of interest, whatever... let's try to get everyone more interested in participating in that dreary Tuesday morning discussion!

Animation Mentor's Industry Review
- a nice well-researched documentation of various job titles, earnings, trends, and other points of interest all in one little pdf. be sure to check it out; even though it was published in 2008, the information is still extremely valid and will be good for helping you figure out where to even start with researching what you want to do with your career, I think!

Animation World Network - a general repository of mainstream information all related to various subsections of the animation industry. everybody probably already knows this one, but it can't hurt to share it.

Dreamworks Artists' Blogs - courtesy of parka blogs, an index of various high-profile Dreamworks artists. thought i ought to relink this, since Jamy disclosed it in class but some people may not have been able to save it.

dat's all tho, toodlez~